Greetings from the authorities

Andrzej Adamczyk
Minister of Infrastructureand Construction

I am very pleased to invite you to the XVth International Road Congress which will take place from 20 to 23 February 2018 in Gdańsk.

Our country is perceived on the international level as a leader when it comes to the construction of new roads, using modern and economical solutions for their maintenance. That is why the World Road Association (PIARC) has entrusted the organisation of the Congress to Poland. It is worth noting that this will be the first time the Congress is organised in Central and Eastern Europe. The XVth International Road Congress will be an excellent opportunity to present and exchange experiences in road engineering. The planned topics include the implementation of new solutions for efficient construction and maintenance of national roads that are safe for their users. I am convinced that the Congress will be a fruitful meeting for all participants, both on the professional and personal level.

Claude Van Rooten
President of the World Road Association

On behalf of the World Road Association (PIARC), I am pleased to invite you to participate in the XVth International Winter Road Congress which will be held in Gdańsk, Poland, on February 20-23, 2018. Under the theme “Providing a Safe and Sustainable Winter Road Service”, this event invites experts from around the world, both managers and administrators, to exchange views on the technical, social and economic challenges related to maintaining mobility under extreme weather conditions.

The XVth International Winter Road Congress is organized by the World Road Association (PIARC), as every four years since 1969. International Winter Road Congresses are world-class events that bring together winter road experts from across the globe. Ensuring the delivery of safe mobility options under winter conditions is a challenge for many countries and governments. The XVth International Winter Road Congress at Gdańsk 2018 will offer to practitioners a knowledge sharing platform on winter road issues and a unique forum for discussion that focuses on the presentation of technological advances, on the state of research and on global best practices in winter viability.

The Congress program that is being put together by the World Road Association and the Polish Organizing Committee covers the following eight areas of great interest:
• response to extreme situations and disasters,
• climate change and the environment,
• road weather information,
• road users and road safety,
• winter maintenance management and planning,
• equipment and products,
• winter service in urban areas,
• tunnels and bridges.

On behalf of the World Road Association, I express my most sincere gratitude to the Government of Poland and to the city of Gdańsk for their commitment to the organization of this Congress and their efforts to ensure that this event will be a great success.

I invite you to mark this event in your agenda and look forward to meet you in Gdańsk on February 20-23, 2018!

Paweł Adamowicz
Mayor of the City of Gdańsk

Ladies and Gentlemen,

In February 2018, the XVth International Winter Road Congress 2018 will take place in Poland. This prestigious event is organised every four years by the World Road Association PIARC with the Polish General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways. More than 1300 delegates from all around the world will come to Gdańsk. The guests will participate in numerous technical visits, for example in the Tristar transport management centre and on the bridge in Kwidzyn.

There will also be a lot of other attractions waiting for you, such as snow plough races, workshops, seminars and the largest fair of companies specialising in winter road maintenance. For Gdańsk, it is an enormous distinction and an important opportunity to present our region’s successes to a broader public, as well as gain new experience which will help us to maintain the city roads and the national road in an ideal condition.

I would already like to invite you warmly to the XVth International Winter Road Congress 2018. Note it down in your agendas: from 20 to 23 February 2018. You will not be disappointed.

See you in Gdańsk.

Monika Milwicz
Deputy Director General of National Roads and Motorways

As the representative of Poland in the PIARC Council and the president of the Organisation Committee for the XVth International Winter Road Congress, I would like to invite you personally to participate in this event, which will take place in Gdańsk from 20 to 23 February 2018. I am sure that thanks to our discussions and the exchange of good practice, we will contribute to the improvement of road conditions in winter.

Over the last few years, Poland has gained a modern road network comprising more than 3.000 kilometres of highways and expressways. We would like to share our experiences concerning the investment process and the road network management; however, we also know that thanks to such events as the XVth International Winter Road Congress, we will all have an excellent opportunity to enhance our knowledge and improve standards and regulations functioning in our organisations.

I am convinced that it is in Poland, in Gdańsk, that you will find the possibility to exchange knowledge and opinions, which will also allow us to meet in one of the most beautiful Polish cities.