Greetings from the authorities

Andrzej Adamczyk
Minister of Infrastructure and Construction

In less than 9 months I will have the honour to meet with you in Gdańsk during the XVth International Winter Road Congress, to discuss the most important issues, new challenges and experience gained in winter road and motorway maintenance.
Representatives of various levels of government administration, associations and road agencies, European and World experts, as well as academics and equipment manufacturers shall have an opportunity to develop common standards, based on varied experiences and many years of practices, and enter into close bi- and multilateral cooperation. The planned sessions, discussion panels, technical visits and equipment fairs shall be a great opportunity to become familiar with the latest trends and technologies in the field of responding to extreme situations, the environmental and climate change impact on road engineering and winter management and maintenance of roads.
I hope that substantive debates, attractive thematic panels and technological novelties shall enrich the substantive and practical knowledge at your disposal, and that your visit to Gdańsk will be an opportunity to learn about Poland as a country with sustainable transportation, safe and well-maintained road network and attractive in terms of its history and culture.

Wojciech Kowalewski
Director General, GDDKiA

I will have a great honour to welcome you in Gdansk on February 20-23, 2018 during the XVth International Winter Road Congress. Poland is a culturally wealthy, fast growing and dynamically developing country trying to accommodate citizens’ and passengers’ needs. We want our roads and motorways to be safe and secure as well as convenient and well-maintained.
Road maintenance plays a crucial role in the operations of the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways. Specifically during winter time since weather in Poland might be unpredictable. Just to give an example, we had the last big snowfall on May 10th. Our winter maintenance standards are set very high and are meticulously prepared. We are proud to be able to fulfil them, keeping the drivers safe and the roads free of snow. I hope you will be able to witness and evaluate our effectiveness during the Congress.
The Gdansk Congress will give grounds to the top-level European and world experts, both road managers and administrators, to exchange views on the technical, social and economic challenges related to maintaining mobility under extreme weather conditions. We are eager to learn from your best practices and benefit from each other experiences. Let’s put together comprehensive discussions, stimulating debates and tangible sessions.
Feel invited!

Claude Van Rooten
President of the World Road Association

On behalf of the World Road Association (PIARC), I am particularly happy to invite you to participate in the XVth International Winter Road Congress, taking place in the city of Gdańsk, February 8 to 11, 2018.
After the first International Winter Road Congress, which took place in Berchtesgaden, Germany, in January 1969, these PIARC Congresses have become an established landmark and a key event for all road experts to convene.
The theme of the Congress in the city of Gdańsk, “Providing a Safe and Sustainable Winter Road Service”, is perfectly in tune with the strategic objectives adopted by the Association, namely management and finance, access and mobility, safety, infrastructure development and maintenance as well as environmental issues.
Road safety, as we all know, is an overarching ambition for all aspects of road infrastructure and road transport, and it requires a comprehensive approach. This is why the World Road Association has published 12 reports on this topic over the recent years, and has developed its innovative online Road Safety Manual. At the same time, the Association has established its International Climate Change Adaptation Framework, which helps road systems and road infrastructure managers and owners address climate change.
Based on this wealth of knowledge, and on the very high quality of the abstracts that were submitted, I am confident that safety and sustainability will be fully addressed in the presentations and discussions at the Gdańsk Congress, together with all the topics pertaining to winter service.
On behalf of the World Road Association, I want to thank the government of Poland, as well as the city of Gdańsk and the Polish Ministry of Infrastructure and Construction for hosting this Congress. I invite everyone directly concerned with winter service to join us in the city of Gdańsk on February 20, 2018,
I look forward to meeting with you in a first-class setting so that together we may find safe and sustainable solutions beneficial to winter road users.
Welcome to the city of Gdańsk!

Paweł Adamowicz
Mayor of the City of Gdańsk

Ladies and Gentlemen,
2018 will be the first time that the International Winter Road Congress has taken place in this part of Europe. We invite you to visit Poland between 20 and 23 February 2018.
The host of the 15th edition of the Congress will be Gdańsk – the City of Freedom and Solidarity.
Location of our city at the heart of the continent and convenient connections with vast majority of both the European and global centres via strongly diversified network of transport solutions, including rail, air and water transport were the decisive factors for selecting Gdańsk. Our advantages include also well-developed highway and road network, which is in fact the leitmotiv of the Congress.
You will experience the lively atmosphere for working meetings, discussions and opinion sharing. Our ambition is to expose the allure of Gdańsk, a truly magical city and this-year winner of the prestigious European Best Destination title.
Those, who will visit our city to attend the International Winter Road Congress, will experience plenty of attractions in their free time that will reveal different faces of Gdańsk – the city bearing the proud title of the World Capital of Amber and host of the ‘Baltic Gold’ museum unique in the global scale. It is the City of Freedom and Solidarity, in which, when walking through the European Solidarity Centre, one may encounter the legendary shipyard worker – Lech Wałęsa.
We hope that our programme of unique attractions will make the Town on the Motlawa remain in your memory and encourage you to visit us again.
We will do our best to ensure the winter vibe to make it a perfect backdrop for our discussions on winter road transport issues.
Join us in Gdańsk!

Andrzej Kasprzak
President of the Management Board of Międzynarodowe Targi Gdańskie S.A

On behalf of Gdańsk International Fairs, the host, AMBEREXPO Exhibition and Convention Centre and in consultation with the PIARC World Road Association and the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways, I have the honour of inviting you to participate in the XVth International Winter Road Congress. It is a global event, uniting specialists in the field of road maintenance from all over the world.
Our long experience in organizing exhibitions and conference-congress events, as well as modern AMBEREXPO infrastructure guarantee that the participants this edition of the congress – experts from around the world – shall have the conditions fostering constructive debate devoted to “Providing safe and permanent winter road maintenance”. Numerous declarations of participation in the Congress sessions indicate its significant role in this industry and we are pleased that we have the honour of participating in so important an event, a platform for the exchange of knowledge, presenting technological progress, research and the best world practices in the field of winter road maintenance.
Similarly to previous editions, the Congress shall be accompanied by an exhibition. Exhibitors at the International Gdańsk Fair shall have at their disposal professional fair area located in the same building as the Congress. It shall represent an excellent addition to the sessions conducted in conference rooms.
I cordially invite you to take part in the International Winter Road Congress and enclose wishes of fruitful sessions and many great experiences on your visit to Gdańsk.