Welcome to Gdańsk

Let’s meet in Gdańsk on 20-23 February 2018, during the XVth International Winter Road Congress. For the first time in history, this event will be held in this part of Europe, indicating interest in road building solutions implemented in Poland and Central and Eastern Europe, the place of exchange of knowledge and experience.

Gdańsk is a city of almost half a million inhabitants, undoubtedly one of the most popular tourist centers in Poland. Located on the Gulf of Gdańsk, on the southern shores of the Baltic Sea, Gdańsk has played a key role in the exchange of goods between the northern and western Europe and the countries of Central and Eastern Europe over the centuries. It has one of the most beautiful old towns in Northern Europe. It is the world capital of amber, a place where the Solidarity movement was born, which led to the collapse of communism. Gdańsk is visited by 6 million tourists every year.  

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