Dear Sirs,
We cordially invite you to XVth edition of World Road Association Winter Road Congresses.

Registration form

Basic rates for exhibition floorspace:

OUTDOORS  40,-€ / m2
Floorspace in the hall:
Floorspace with no stand system 135,-€/ m2
Floorspace with stand system. Variant: STANDARD 145,-€/ m2
Surcharge for stand location (re: area in the Hall):
corner stand: (minimum 12 m2) + 25%
front stand: (minimum 24 m2) + 25%
peninsula stand: (minimum 40 m2) + 25%
Registration Fee:
Mandatory registration fee for Exhibitors 340,-€
Mandatory registration fee for Co-exhibitors 400,-€
Minimum STANDARD floor space is 9 m2

The Registration Fee for the Exhibitors, which is the equivalent of € 340+ VAT due, as per the relevant regulations, and the equivalent of € 400 +VAT due, as per the relevant regulations, for Co-exhibitors, covers the cost of: advertising and promotion of the event in the media, the participation of a company representative in the Fair’s accompanying events – The Exhibitors’ Meeting (room rental, entertainment, catering), symposiums and presentations (room rental, speakers’ fees, catering), publication of the Exhibition Catalogue.