French snowplough championship 2017

If mobility remains possible in winter conditions, it is partly thanks to the profession of winter service operator. These women and men exercise a profession unknown to the general public, sometimes dangerous and always difficult. This job is the same regardless of the country and the manager of the track concerned. The World Road Association (PIARC) wishes, in the framework of the XV ° International Congress of Winter Viability in Gdańsk in February 2018, to promote this profession. As such, it organizes an International Snowplough Championship. This event puts in competition more than a dozen countries. This championship is open to all managers: Interdepartmental Directorates of Roads, County Councils, Municipalities and Communities of Communes, Authorized Motorways of Concession, Airports, Air Bases, etc.

Sometimes difficult exercises requiring great dexterity

The candidates are judged on two tests: mechanical inspection and driving test, handling speed and dexterity. These criteria are appreciated through a circuit of about 150 m, marked by various obstacles simulating road conditions likely to be encountered on roads in winter: presence of car, heavy traffic, scraping along sidewalks.

Mechanical inspection an important aspect /The candidates and organizers

The result of the competition:
ARISTON Benoit | DIR Mediterranee | Golden blade
LUTIC Stevie | DIR Nord | Silver blade
MIQUEL Jérôme | DIR Sud Ouest | Bronze blade

Didier Giloppé
Chairman of TC B2 Winter Service