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MONDAY | 19th February |  14:00 – 19:00 | Registration

  • Tuesday
    20th February
    8:00 - 9:30
    Participant registration | Hall A
    8:30 - 18:00
    Exhibition | Hall A
    09.30 - 11.00
    Opening session "Transportation Matters - No Matter the Weather." Frederick G. “Bud” Wright | Hall B Auditorium
    11.00 - 11.30
    Opening ceremony | Hall B Auditorium
    12:00 - 12:30
    Exhibition opening ceremony | Hall A
    12:30 - 14:00
    Lunch | Lunch areas Hall A,B
    14.00 - 15.30
    Ministerial session | Hall B Auditorium
    The session will be moderated by Mr Pasquale Staffini, Head of Roads Division, JASPERS, European Investment Bank.

    The order of the speakers is alphabetical and as following:
    Czech Republic – Mr Dan Ťok, Minister of Transport
    Japan – Mr Masafumi Mori, Vice-Minister for Engineering Affairs, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism
    Lithuania – Mr Rokas Masiulis, Minister of Transport and Communications
    Montenegro – Mr Osman Nurković, Minister of Transport and Maritime Affairs
    Poland – Mr Andrzej Adamczyk, Minister of Infrastructure
    Slovakia – Mr Arpád Érsek, Minister of Transport and Construction

    Topic 1. Ensuring safe and efficient winter road service to users
    • road user information: social media, communication plans, crisis information and ITS;
    • strategic planning and performance management: road users’ needs, levels of service, evaluation, asset management systems;
    • influence of winter road conditions on road safety;
    • development of specific technologies to improve road safety.
    Topic 2. Delivering winter maintenance in a context of sustainable development and climate change
    • incidence of climate change on winter service;
    • changes required - in organizations, manpower, equipment and materials;
    • environmental impact of winter service and improvements to operational approaches;
    • organization for exceptional situations:management tools, modes of activation, evaluation.
    15.30 - 16.30
    Coffee break / Poster session | Hall A
    16.30 - 18.00
    Technical sessions:
    Topic 6-1 Materials | Hall B Auditorium
    Thomson Martin - United Kingdom - Brine v Pre-Wetted Salt Trials in Scotland
    Kalman Björn - Sweden - Effectiveness of combinations of de-icing salts with NaCl or CaCl2 brines for friction control on roads
    Takahashi Naoto - Japan - Evaluation of sodium propionate as an alternative deicer
    Topic 3-1 Sensing | Room 1A
    Gui Kang - China - A wireless sensor for measuring black ice and water on road sections
    Bogren Jörgen - Sweden - Road Surface Conditions – detection in two dimensions by 2DRoad
    Haavasoja Taisto - Finland - Using Buses for Road Weather Data Collection
    Fraser Andy - United Kingdom - achieving sustainability in winter service delivery through technology
    Topic 7-1 Cycle path management | Room 1B
    Pirinen Jarkko - Finland - Winter service at main bicycle lanes
    Niska Anna - Sweden - "Sweep-salting" - a method for winter maintenance of bicycle paths
    Blomqvist Göran - Sweden - Follow-up methods for evaluation of winter maintenance of bicycle paths, including monitoring of bicycle-path-specific processes
    Husa Veronika - Norway - Cycleway surface condition's effect on winter maintenance performance
    Topic 4-1 Traffic characteristics in winter time | Room 1C
    Sun Liang - China - Improving transportation safety with customer service system
    Romanowska Aleksandra - Poland - Impact of adverse winter weather conditions on traffic flow
    Oskarbski Jacek - Poland - Impact of weather conditions on the efficiency of traffic in urban areas
    Topic 5-1 Winter resilience and sustainability | Room 4
    Aapaoja Aki - Finland - Impact of integrated winter road maintenance on transport system resilience
    Nixon Wilfrid - United States - Measuring Sustainability in Winter Service Operations
    Ratkevičius Tomas - Lithuania - Features for road winter maintenance improvement in climate change context
    Campbell Kevin - United Kingdom - Increased Winter Resilience
    19:30 - 22:30
    Cocktail | European Solidarity Centre
  • Wednesday
    21st February
    8:30 - 18:00
    Exhibition | Hall A
    8:30 - 18:00
    Technical visits
    8:30 - 10:00
    Technical sessions
    Topic 6-2 Equipment managment support system | Hall B Auditorium
    Mr Didier Giloppe - France - Winter maintenance equipment - control of spreading machines
    Paavilainen Jyrki - Finland - Testing a mobile snow-melting machine in the dense urban area, Helsinki, Finland.
    Ito Yoshikazu - Japan - An Attempt to Clarify the Tendency in Failure of Snow Removal Machines and to Quantitatively Evaluate Their Deterioration
    Topic 3-2 Sensing | Room 1A
    Mr YANG Chung Heon - South Korea - Analysis Road Surface Temperature Change Patterns from Vehicular Ambient Sensor using Machine Learning Algorithms
    Vaa Torgeir - Norway - Road Condition Analysis based on Web Camera Images
    DeVries Richard - United States - Implementing and Using Weather Data in a City or County Environment
    Dr CHOI Kee Choo - South Korea - Automatic detection of weather condition on Korean Expressway using CCTV video images
    Topic 7-2 Street maintenance in winter | Room 1B
    Hanon Jean - France - Ensure safe winter maintenance and sustainable urban
    Nutz Peter - Austria - Experience with brine application in cities
    Nutz Peter - Austria - Differentiated winter maintenance in Vienna
    Gustafsson Mats - Sweden - OptiDrifT - optimizing winter and spring street maintenance for improved air quality, accessibility and safety
    Topic 4-2 Workers’ safety and training / Behaviour of road users | Room 1C
    Godbout Émilie - Canada-Québec - Deliver real-time information on winter road conditions to road users - Latest news
    Liljegren Eva - Sweden - Improving safety during winter maintenance work in Sweden
    Dr Wilfrid NIXON - United States - Utilizing Social and Behavioral Sciences in a Program for Winter Service
    Zamorano Cristina - Spain - Road safety training for winter service professionals
    Topic 5-2 Winter resilience and sustainability | Room 4
    Koziejowski Marcin - Poland - Efficient winter road maintenance begins at designing stage
    Lopez Barro Pablo - Canada - Road Safety Audits on Freeways: Winter Considerations
    Eriksson Dan - Sweden - Evaluation of results from tests of knowledge in winter maintenance in Norway and Sweden 2014-2017
    Grzegorz Łutczyk - GDDKiA - Poland - Adaptation to Climate Change for National Roads in Poland: Mapping of climate vulnerabilities on existing national road network
    10:00 - 11:00
    Coffee break/Poster Session | Hall A
    11:00 - 12:30
    Technical sessions:
    Topic 6-3 Equipment managment support system | Hall B Auditorium
    Makaravicius Martynas - Lithuania - Winter maintenance management and its development in Lithuania
    Fonnesbech Jens Kristian - Denmark - Influence of turbulences and dosing variations on salting of Roads.
    Eram Michel M. - Denmark - De-Icers Management System (DIMS)
    Topic 3-3 Forecasting | Room 1A
    Arvidsson Anna - Sweden - Dynamic Forecast Controlled Road Maintenance
    Teruyuki Fukuhara - Japan - Road surface temperature prediction model around a road network by a heat balance method
    Kokubu Tetsuya - Japan - Snowstorm Visibility Information: Provision and Usefulness
    Matsuzawa Masaru - Japan - The effect of snowstorm-induced visibility distance reduction on winter driving speeds in suburban areas
    Topic 7-3 improvement of winter service | Room 1B
    Laiho Esko - Finland - Furthering winter cycling in Helsinki with enhanced winter maintenance
    Laiho Esko - Finland - The Effect of Pavement Texture on Need for Salt in Winter Maintenance of Bicycle Roads
    Dupuy Aurora Myhre - Norway - Model for dimensioning required area for snow banks - a study of snow bank parameters
    Topic 4-3 Safety measures and effects in winter traffic | Room 1C
    Klang Jaakko - Finland - Safety effects of lower speed limits during winter months
    Sone Shota - Japan - Basic Evaluation and Verification of Installation Conditions and Visibility of Linear Reflection Light by the Guide-Lights during snow cover
    Vaa Torgeir - Norway - A feasibility study for road and weather information and variable speed limits
    Fournier Lise - Canada-Québec - Winter tires mandatory in Quebec - Assessment of the measure after 10 years
    Topic 5-3 Winter resilience and sustainability | Room 4
    Nobuyoshi Konishi - Japan - Issues of Snow Treatment by Snow Flowing Gutters in an Aging Community
    Ikeda Takeshi - Japan - New planning process of road improvement for safe and smooth traffic on winter road through communication with local residents
    Mr Charles-Edouard TOLMER - France - Information system for preparing road use: safety and winter sustainability
    12:30 - 14:00
    Lunch | Lunch areas Hall A,B
    14.00 - 15:30
    Technical sessions:
    Topic 6-4 Pavements | Hall B Auditorium
    Mr Bruno SAINTOT - France - Roads of 5th Generation: benefits and limits of phase change materials (PCM)
    Cocu Xavier - Belgium - Winter behaviour of an experimental poro-elastic road pavement and recommendations for its winter management
    Tanaka Shunsuke - Japan - Study on the Effectiveness of High-performance SMA Developed as a Measure for Improving the Winter Road Surface
    Haga Junichi - Japan - Development of thin layer freeze-resistant pavement constructed by hot in-place recycling method
    Topic 8-1 Management of tunnels and bridges in winter | Room 1A
    Cidreira Keserle Gilberto - Canada - Assessment of real structure exposure on winter conditions
    Stéphanie Gaudé - France - Impact of deicing salts on the bridge material corrosion appearance
    Émilie Godbout - Canada-Québec - Bridge slippery conditions advisory and anti-icing systems – an extensive pilot study
    Topic 3-4 Maintenance management | Room 1B
    Michael Kordon - Germany - Winter maintenance management system WDMS in Bavaria
    Coudert Odile - France - Short term alarm system for road weather
    Siems-Anderson Amanda - United States - Use of the Pikalert® System in The Wyoming Department of Transportation Connected Vehicle Pilot Deployment
    Maier-Farkas Heimo - Austria - Implementing a dynamic winter maintenance management with real-time measurements and high resolution weather nowcasts
    Topic 5-5 Contracts | Room 1C
    Eklund Björn - Sweden - A new way for Analysis of contract obligations
    Tokunaga Roberto - Japan - An Experimental Study on Effectiveness of Technology for Supporting the Chemical Spreading Judgments of Maintenance Operators
    Benmoussa Abderrahman - Morocco - The outsourcing of the winter road services will be an alternative for performances improvement. the case of the road administration in Morocco
    Topic 5-4 Winter service organisation | Room 4
    Kastanovskis Jānis - Latvia - Winter Maintenance Management in Latvia
    Azcue Rodríguez Luis - Spain - Organization of winter maintenance on Spain´s national road network
    Pombo Mariano - Argentina - Brief overview of winter roads’ drivability maintenance in Argentina
    15:30 - 16:30
    Coffee-break / Poster session | Hall A
    16:30 - 18:00
    Technical sessions:
    Topic 6-5 Snow fences and barriers and mobile testing | Hall B Auditorium
    Bullas John - United Kingdom - Measuring Residual Salt at Traffic Speed: "The Mammoth in the Room"
    Yasuhiko Ito - Japan - The Growth of Highway Snowbreak Woods in Hokkaido and Their Snow Control Effectiveness
    Korneeva Daria - Russia - Research on simulation of the performance of snow fences and road barriers
    Koda Masaru - Japan - Wind Tunnel Experiments Using Model Snowbreak Woods for the Growth Management of Highway Snowbreak Woods
    Topic 8-2 Tools and methods | Room 1A
    Szczerbiński Jan - Poland - Fixed auto-spray systems in Poland
    Johnsson Josef - Sweden - Hydronic Pavement for Ice-free Bridges
    Topic 3-5 Maintenance management | Room 1B
    Badelt Horst - Germany - Test methods for sensors of road weather stations
    Thomson Martin - United Kingdom - Transport Scotland & Vaisala - Idaho Storm Performance Index Trials
    Masatoshi Makino - Japan - Techniques for supporting decision-making on the deployment of snow removal machines and cooperation with neighboring work sections in snow removal
    Gladysheva Olga - Russia - The planning of winter road maintenance by using special road climatic maps
    Topic 5-7 New tools, models and methods | Room 1C
    Aijo Juha - Finland - Winter Maintenance Manual for the Finnish Transportation Agency
    Tsuchihashi Hirofumi - Japan - Challenges facing expressway road surface management in winter
    Norbert Wyrwich - Poland - Indicator – based maintance
    Émilie Godbout - Canada-Québec - Development of new tools to support decision-making process and optimize use of de-icing agents to limit impacts of environment
    Topic 5-6 Winter service organisation | Room 4
    Mrs Carol Valentine - United Kingdom - The Development of Evidence Based Best Practice Guidance in the UK
    Sedivy Jan - Slovakia - Performation of winter service in National Motorway Company in Slovakia
    Donker Rini - Netherlands - Winter maintenance in the Netherlands
  • Thursday
    22nd February
    8:30 - 18:00
    Exhibition | Hall A
    8:30 - 18:00
    Technical visits
    8:30 - 10:00
    Technical sessions:
    Topic 6-6 Chemical use | Hall B Auditorium
    Suya Yutaka - Japan - Test Operation of Additional Salt Application Using Salinity Control Diagram by Region
    Hess Rainer - Germany - Demand of de-icing salt in the event of snowfall
    Mr Tomonori OHIRO - Japan - Introduction of an intelligent salting control optimization system for expressways in Hokkaido
    Holen Aasmund - Norway - Winter maintenance of highly trafficked roads at low temperatures
    Topic 1-1 Avalanches | Room 1A
    Harada Yusuke - Japan - Study on cost-benefit analysis for road avalanche defense structures
    Matsushita Hiroki - Japan - A perspective on evaluating avalanches caused by a non-persistent weak layer during snowfall
    Olloqui Andres - Spain - Avalanche risk management on the road
    Topic 2-1 De-icers | Room 1B
    Dr. Götzfried Franz - Germany - Global warming potential of deicers
    Barbier Lucie - France - Pollution load (suspended matter and sodium chloride) transfer
s in a road retention basin

    Zofka Ewa - Poland - Winter maintenance: use of deicing agents/chemicals and their impacts on water bodies and environment
    Burghgraeve Ludovic - France - Environmental impacts of practices and conditions of road deicing products storage
    Topic 5-9 New tools, models and methods | Room 1C
    Hoffmann Markus - Austria - Thawing capacity, freezing time and high shares of brine as main factors in the success of preventive winter maintenance treatments
    Sato Masayuki - Japan - Research and Development of Advanced Technologies for Snow and Ice Control in NEXCO East
    Blanco Bergareche Ana - Spain - Information and traffic management systems in Winter Road conditions
    Topic 5-8 Winter service organisation | Room 4
    Toome Meelis - Estonia - The best practice for organising winter maintenance during lower traffic intensity - the case of Estonia
    Johnson Nicholas - United Kingdom - Increasing industry competence and influencing national policy in the UK through a winter service training and certification program
    Bonell Argelich Jaume - Andorra - Winter service management under heavy traffic condition
    8:30 - 12:30
    CEDR: Winter maintenance workshop: User’s needs at the heart of winter service | Room 2
    9:00 - 12:30
    Snow Plough Competition - Qualifications
    10:00 - 11:00
    Coffee break/Poster Session | Hall A
    11:00 - 12:30
    Aurora, the Aurora intelligent transport test ecosystem | Sala 1A
    Aurora Borealis – an Arctic Intelligent Corridor for #snowtonomous driving and future road maintenance
    In all modes of transport, automation is one of the key trends and at the same time one of the key challenges. Although autonomous driving provides great opportunities for the more safe and efficient transport system, there will be also potential infrastructure related risks that road managers need to be prepared, like rut formation and roads´ structural conditions. In intelligent transportation, the road beneath the vehicle also matters – cars do not fly yet. The latest technology should be used for better diagnostics of traffic infrastructure and roads.
    Finnish Transport Agency and Norwegian Public Roads Administration have formed the test ecosystem for snowtonomous driving and transport. It has been designed to verify and validate new Cooperative, Connected and Automated Mobility (CCAM) solutions and innovations in real Arctic conditions. It offers the opportunities to test automated vehicles and related technologies in challenging road conditions. Aurora Borealis Intelligent Corridor provides supporting physical and digital infrastructure and data services for road managers and automotive industry.

    Reija Viinanen, Director Aurora collaboration, Finnish Transport Agency
    “Aurora Borealis – the Intelligent Corridor and research platform for future roads”

    Dr. Timo Saarenketo, CEO, Roadscanners Oy
    Torgeir Vaa, Senior Principal Engineer, Norwegian Public Roads Administration
    Antti Vehviläinen, Executive Director, Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority
    “Future telecommunications assisting road traffic and maintenance”
    Hreinn Haraldsson, Director General, Icelandic Road and Coastal Administration
    Priit Sauk, Director General, Estonian Road Administration
    11:00 - 12:30
    Technical sessions:
    Topic 5-10 New tools, models and methods | Hall B Auditorium
    Kärki Otto - Finland - New maintenance reporting and monitoring system in Finland (HARJA)
    Abe Koichi - Japan - Prediction and Inspection of Poor Visibility caused by snow
    Nutz Peter - Austria - Development of a road condition model for winter maintenance with de-icers
    Bandara Nishantha - United States - Impacts of Winter Maintenance Strategies to Travel Delay Costs
    Topic 1-2 Extreme weather | Room 1B
    Wachsmann Jan - Germany - Development of Standards for De-icing Salt Storage Capacities
    Harada Yusuke - Japan - Study on an Index for Assessing the Severity of Snowstorm and Heavy Snowfall
    Mrs Moemi SHIRAISHI - Japan - Effect of Countermeasures against Heavy Snowfall Disaster on Road Traffic
    Bose Indranil - India - Climate Change and Adapation Needs for Road Infrastructure in Indian Himalayan Region
    Topic 5-11 Winter service organisation | Room 1C
    Osypowicz Marta - Poland - Winter road maintenance in case of weather anomalies illustrated by the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways’ preparation for winter road maintenance
    Tyburski Michał - Poland - Principles for the operation of winter road maintenance in the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways’ Branch in Gdańsk within the framework of a new road maintenance model: advantages over previous administration systems and problems relate
    Mr Hiroshi KOBAYASHI - Japan - Winter Road Management Of Japan
    Topic 6-7 Pavements | Room 4
    Parra Rodríguez Leticia - Spain - Nanostructured Bitumen, better mechanical properties and for extreme climates
    Donker Rini - Netherlands - Extreme ice fighting on porous asfphalt
    Yang Xiong - China - Slow-release process and long-term evaluation method research of low freezing point asphalt mixture
    Liandrat Sébastien - France - Evaluation of a new, environmentally friendly and easily applicable method to reduce road damage due to the frost
    12:30 - 14:00
    Lunch | Lunch areas Hall A,B
    14:00 - 15:30
    Snow Plough Competition - Finals | Energa Stadium parking P5
    Gala Dinner | Hall C
  • Friday
    23rd February
    8:30 - 13:00
    Exhibition | Hall A
    8:30 - 10:00
    Polski Kongres Drogowy - 100 years of Poland in the global roads industry | Room 1A
    8:30 - 10:00
    Technical sessions:
    Topic 5-12 New tools, models and methods | Hall B Auditorium
    Bogren Jörgen - Sweden - Road Status Information (RSI) – the new generation of road weather information system
    Satou Yoshiichi - Japan - Development of a tool for analyzing data concerning cars that cannot climb hills and its application to winter road management
    Paval Flavius-Florin - Romania - Management maintenance model activity during the cold season of the administrator of national roads and highways in Romania
    Saitoh Kiyoshi - Japan - Methods of Predicting and Estimating Snowfall that Causes Stuck Vehicles using X-band and C-band Radar and Statistical Data in Japan
    Topic 2-2 Climate impact | Room 1B
    Lauryna Šidlauskaitė - Lithuania - Future climate conditions for winter roads in Lithuania
    Vignisdottir Hrefna Run - Norway - Data analysis of winter maintenance operations
    Iwama Masahiko - Japan - Appliation of High Albedo Surfacing Material to Mitigate Permafrost Degradation
    Ms Eva Liljegren - United Kingdom - Investing in climate resilience in the Bosnian road sector
    Topic 6-9 Miscellaneous | Room 1C
    Neuhold Josef - Austria - Implementation of winter maintenance strategies with increased shares of brine and preventive treatment in Lower Austria
    Dr. Hanke Horst - Germany - Optimizing Winter Maintenance during heavy snowfalls in Germany
    Dr. Hanke Horst - Germany - Development of pre-wetted and full wet Salt Spreading in Germany
    Peter Nutz - Austria - International development of application methods of de-icing chemicals
    Topic 6-8 Stationary testing | Room 4
    Wesołowski Mariusz - Poland - Standard of Ice Early Warning Systems on Polish Runways – possible use on roads
    Giudici Henri - Norway - A technical description of LARS and Lumi two apparatus for studying tire-pavement interactions
    Honma Masayuki - Japan - Study of computerized execution technology for snow removal machines
    Chi Zhang - China - Snow melting performance and heat-transfer characteristic experimental study of snow-melting pavement with heat pipe technology
    10:00 - 11:00
    Coffee-break / Poster session | Hall A
    11:00 - 12:30
    Closing session | Hall B
    12:30 - 13:00
    Closing ceremony | Hall B
    Lunch | Lunch areas Hall A,B