Full papers

The Call for Papers was very successful, with more than 290 ab-stracts submitted to the official PIARC Web site. Based on the selection criteria that were established, PIARC Technical Committee B.2 – Winter Service and other relevant Technical Committees evaluated the abstracts on schedule, and their authors were notified of decisions and comments.
Therefore, it is now possible to present an overview of the distribution of the abstracts that were accepted. This will give an advanced flavour of the main areas of interest that will be presented at the Congress.
The review of the accepted abstracts clearly indicates that the authors have a particular interest in Winter maintenance management and planning. This topic attracted more than 40 accepted abstracts.
Approximately twenty abstracts were selected for each of the topics of Road weather information, Road users and road safety and Equipment and products. The two topics entitled Winter service in urban areas and Climate change and the environment attracted the attention of ten authors. These are relatively new topics for the World Road Association, and the conference may feature full sessions on these new challenges.
PIARC Technical Committee B.2 – Winter Service is now responsible for preparing the technical sessions for the Congress, and is convinced that all final communications will be of excellent quality.

Reminder to authors

Authors whose abstracts were accepted must now prepare and submit their completed papers by August 31, 2017, as stated in the instructions that appear on the Congress Web site (https://pro-posals-decision-gdansk2018.piarc.org/).

PIARC prizes 2018

A prize will be awarded to the best papers after selection by PIARC Technical Committee B.2 – Winter Service.
More information will be released later on the Congress website.

Complete technical program:
on the web site in November 2017

So far, members of Technical Committee B.2 and other relevant Technical Committees have accepted nearly 290 abstracts. All authors, including those whose papers have been selected for an oral presentation, are invited to participate in the poster session. The technical sessions will be organized over the three half-days provided for during the technical section of the Congress program. The poster sessions are also of great interest, and will be fully part the program.

Bulletin no 2 (pdf)